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UFC Star Model Pearl Gonzalez Le@ked Videos on Twitter and Reddit Explained

The former UFC competitor, now a member of BKFC, had a lot to say last Friday when he posted a viral TikTok video of h!mself sunbathing on a boat

What better technique to start off this weekend? That’s the kind of energy and soul that America has. Accepting that there is one rule of the web and life in general that applies here, you basically can’t cut it once you get excited.

Whether it’s a business or a game of substance, you want to continue to take advantage of the open doors that exist, and that’s exactly what Gonzalez did with his latest Twitter content. He turned on the little bluebird on Tuesday night and set it free.

Gonzalez experienced extraordinary karma.

Referring to American mastermind Jerry Reed, “When you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re not, you’re not hot.” It doesn’t get any more shallow and direct than that.

Gonzalez is certainly keeping things new and exciting through virtual entertainment. Regardless of whether his best fighting days are behind him or not, it appears he is more than ready to play with a game of substance.

For anyone who thinks it’s a business technique, just look at Paige VanZant. VanZant is a past UFC star who became a content sensation and she is raking in the cash. Will Pearl Gonzalez Video achieve similar progress?

It’s still a long way to go, but we definitely can’t block it. With his energy continuing to flow, perhaps he would continue to keep his records enlightened in the future.

In June 2021, ‘The Chi-Town Princess’ made her debut for BKFC, defeating Charisa Sigala via unanimous decision. Gonzalez withdrew from the promotion following her loss to Britain Hart in November of the same year.


Now, after more than a year on a free transfer, Gonzalez is turning his attention to a very different medium.

In a recent post on her Instagram page, Gonzalez announced that she will be joining OnlyFans. ‘The Chi-Town Princess’ wore a tiger print bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

Gonzalez commented that the page is free and noted that he has been receiving requests to create one for some time.

“After thousands of messages and requests over the years, I finally made one. You know where to look… #itsFREE”

Gonzalez also tagged photographer Mike ‘Ohrangu’ Tang who has been linked to various Instagram and OnlyFans models over the years. For now, the level of content fans can expect from the former UFC fighter remains unclear.

What remains unclear is where his combat sports career will go next. Although he has stepped away from MMA and hand-to-hand combat, he has not officially announced his retirement or return. Interestingly, he mentioned his interest in joining Power Slap.

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