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Viral New Full Video: BJP’s Kirit Somaiya Goes

Viral Video of BJP politician Kirit Somaiya from Maharashtra – An alleged video of BJP politician Kirit Somaiya from Maharashtra has surfaced, provoking opposition criticism and accusations of “immoral behavior.” The BJP leader has asked an investigation into charges of “harassing and abusing” women, which he has rejected.

Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister, has received a letter from Kirit Somaiya asking an investigation and the disclosure of the facts.

A bombshell revelation has shocked the political landscape: a video supposedly depicting prominent BJP leader Kirit Somaiya in an obscene posture has surfaced online. The release of this private film, which stars a well-known figure like Kirit Somaiya, has sparked a lot of heated speculation and debate.

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The video footage has been claimed by the Marathi news site “Lokshahi,” albeit the woman’s identity has been protected and the graphic material has been obscured. During a live broadcast, Lokshahi’s editor, Kamlesh Sutar, indicated that they did not plan to invade anyone’s privacy, but rather to seek Somaiya for confirmation on the legality of the video and any connected problems.

Sutar went on to explain that they had discovered other recordings representing various people that were identical to the one involving Somaiya. Although showing such footage may be deemed an invasion of privacy, the broadcaster stressed that Somaiya’s position within a major political party made it imperative to face any potential espionage or misconduct.

The broadcaster expressed surprise at the precarious scenario surrounding Somaiya, who constantly accuses opposition leaders of misconduct and corruption, implying a plan.

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