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Watch Video Mackenzie Shirilla car Accident Video On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube

19-year-old Mackenzie Shirilla has been convicted of murder in last year’s Strongsville crash that left her boyfriend and another man dead.

Mackenzie Shirilla Car Video Reddit: The surveillance footage captured the moment when a 17-year-old girl named Mackenzie Shirilla drove her car into a brick wall at a dead-end street in Strongsville, Ohio, on July 31, 2022.

Mackenzie Shirilla faces multiple charges, including murder, felonious assault, and aggravated vehicular homicide.


Today Mackenzie Shirilla, 19, was found guilty by a Judge on all charges, including Murder, Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, Felonious Assault, and other charges for the July 2022 Strongsville car crash that killed two men, 19 and 20.

The trial of the Strongsville teen charged with murder in a deadly crash that killed her boyfriend and his friend continued today. It was very emotional in the courtroom as the prosecution played a video of the high-speed crash and showed autopsy photos

The crash killed her boyfriend, Dominic Russo, 20, and another friend Davion Flanagan, 19. Shirilla survived the crash but was later convicted of murder for intentionally causing the fatal collision. In this article, I will explain the details of the Mackenzie Shirilla car video Reddit and how it led to her arrest and trial.

Mackenzie Shirilla Car Video Reddit

The Mackenzie Shirilla car video was obtained from a nearby business with a security camera facing the street where the crash occurred.

The video showed that Shirilla turned slowly from Pearl Road onto Alameda Drive, then accelerated rapidly down the three-quarter mile street into a brick wall.

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The impact was so powerful that it caused extensive damage to the building and the vehicle. The video also showed no cars or pedestrians on the street during the crash.

The video was one of the key pieces of evidence that prosecutors used to prove that Shirilla had crashed on purpose. They argued that she had “a mission” and “executed it precisely.”

They also said she had driven near the crash site a few days before as if scouting for a location. They claimed that she had the motive to kill Russo, who was her boyfriend at the time, because they had argued and she had threatened to key his car.

The Crash

The crash was discovered 45 minutes later when a passerby spotted the scene and called authorities. Police found Russo and Flanagan dead in the car, while Shirilla was trapped in the driver’s seat with one of her Prada slippers stuck to the accelerator.

Police initially suspected that Shirilla had lost control of the vehicle while driving recklessly, but further evidence suggested that she had crashed on purpose.

According to Law & Crime, police found THC in her blood but did not charge her with driving under the influence. Instead, they charged her with murder, aggravated vehicular homicide, and felonious assault.

Prosecutors also relied on statements from doctors who treated Shirilla after the crash, who said she expressed “grief, guilt and shame,” indicating a “consciousness of guilt.”


Shirilla’s trial began on August 7, 2023, before Judge Nancy Margaret Russo (no relation to Dominic Russo). She waived her right to a jury trial and opted for a bench trial. According to Cleveland.com, her defense lawyer James McDonnell argued that prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Shirilla intended to kill Russo and Flanagan. He suggested that it was possible that she had lost control of the car or had a mental breakdown.

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However, Judge Russo rejected his arguments and found Shirilla guilty of all charges on August 14, 2023. She said Shirilla “chose a course of death and destruction” and “morphed from responsible driver to literal hell on wheels.” She also said that it did not matter whether Shirilla intended to kill herself too or not, as it was irrelevant to evaluating the evidence.

Shirilla broke down in tears as she heard the verdict. Deputies handcuffed her while the verdict was still being read. She faces life in prison without parole for 15 years at a sentencing scheduled for August 21.

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